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SDNM Series Soil Stabilized Mixing Plant

SDNM Series Soil Stabilized Mixing Plant

1.Using a lineless double-horizontal shaft forced mixer, small paddle densely covered and large linear velocity programmer make the material is rapidly advanced in the "boiling" state. The productivity is high, and the mixing is uniform. Continuous and stable production process, no need to change the liner, long service life and low maintenance cost.

2.The unique form of water supply ensures that the water supply is even and stable, and the water mist can effectively reduce dust pollution and effectively remove stable soil agglomeration.

3.The special large-mouth screw powder feeder avoids the phenomenon that the impeller feeder is easy to be damp and be blocked. The powder metering is more reliable, stable and uniform, which can effectively reduce the waste of powder and the scrapping of finished materials, and the material cost control is more precise.

4.The system has fault alarm, overload alarm and under voltage protection. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation modes can store data such as ratio and output, and output print statistics report. Provide strong support for site management, scheduling, and monitoring.

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