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Gaoyuan Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06F Type

Gaoyuan Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06F Type

  • For convenience of delivery and operation outdoors, all parts are designed to be easily disassembled and all parts are fixed on one base frame when in use.
  • The finished emulsified asphalt is cooled to room temperature by heat exchanger for improving the stability in storage. Besides, the heated cooling water can be used to produce emulsified asphalt for saving the cost of clean water heating. As a result, the emulsified asphalt manufacturing cost is reduced.
  • Two emulsified water tanks discharge the water alternately for continuous operation.
  • With emulsion fineness≤5μm, colloid mill adopts stainless steel for wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Variable-frequency drive can adjust the rotation speed of asphalt pump, and the flow rate of emulsified water (Displayed by the flow meter) is controlled by the valve. As a result, the operator can accurately control the content of asphalt in emulsified asphalt.
  • By utilizing heat conduction oil, electrical heating system is mainly used for preheating each type of pump casing before production. Therefore, common blow lamp heating can be replaced by electrical heating.
  • All materials contacting the emulsion adopts stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Therefore, the bitumen emulsion plant is suitable for producing each type of emulsified asphalt.
No Parameter Unit Reference Details Reference
1 Capacity t/h 6
2 Maximum Capacitance kw 21+9
3 Rotation Speed of Emulsifying Machine rpm 2930
4 Power of Emulsifying Machine kW 15
5 Electrical Heating Power of Conduction Oil kW 9
6 Combustor Power kcal/h 1.0×105
7 Heat Exchanger Area of Heat Exchanger m2 15
8 Fineness of Emulsified Asphalt μm ≤5 85%
9 Volume of Cleaning Water Tank 3 1
10 Volume of Emulsified Water Tank 1.5 2
11 Weight t 4.5
12 Dimension mm 4700×2150×2330 L×W×H

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