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ZHENGZHOU YUTONG YTZ5257GJB43E (12 cubic meter) Concrete Mixer Truck

ZHENGZHOU YUTONG YTZ5257GJB43E (12 cubic meter) Concrete Mixer Truck

Agitating volume (cubic meter) 12
(r/min)Rotating speed of mixing drum (r/min) 0-14
Rated power of engine (kw/hp) 247/336
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Yutong concrete mixer truck introduces the foreign advanced upper-car technology and it can match with the hydraulic systems imported from internationally renowned manufacturer. The truck has high performance and reliable quality. At present, there are a series of products of different cubic meters, which can match with the chassis manufactured by China National Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Dongfeng and other well-known domestic manufacturers, so as to meet customer needs in different regions.

1. Reliable quality and high operational stability

Tank body is assembled and connected by using specialized fixtures to ensure the correct concentricity of the tank body and stable operation of mixing tank.

Subframe adopts high-grade anti-bending and torsion resistant longitudinal beams (formed as rectangular tubes). Longitudinal beams are connected by using the national advanced diagonal bridging structure, which effectively increases the rigidity of the entire upper-car and improves the quality stability and operation safety of the entire vehicle.

2. High strength, durable, and long service life

The tank body and main structure are made of low alloy steel with high strength and great wear resistance.

It has dual sealing head structure. Reinforcing plates are added outside the heads and stiffeners are added inside the heads, greatly increasing tank body rigidity.

3. High working efficiency

Double helical blades with optimal design are used in the tank body to realize unloading at a low rotation speed and a high displacement.

Front cone of the tank body is fitted with two forced stirring blades to enhance mixing function and effectively prevent dilution.

The vehicle adopts HOWO series chassis manufactured by China National Heavy Duty Truck and it introduces foreign advanced upper-car technology. In addition, it can match with hydraulic systems imported from internationally renowned manufacturer and the operation of operating system is flexible and easy.

4. Attractive appearance

The vehicle has unique and beautiful modeling, advanced welding technology of tank body, high performance, reliable quality and highly cost-effective.

5. Optional

This vehicle can select and use PMP PMB7.1 reductor, PMH P90 pump and PMH M90 motor and also it can select and use PMP PMB7.1 reductor, Sauer T90 pump and Sauer S90 motor.

Declared external dimension (mm)


External dimension (mm)


Chassis model


Curb weight of complete truck(kg)

Actual: 15960 (Declared: 14620)

Rated load (Kg)


Maximum vehicle speed (km/h)


Wheelbase (mm)


Front suspension / rear suspension (mm)


Approach angle/ departure angle (°)


Wheel track of front wheel (mm)


Wheel track of rear wheel (mm)



12.00R20 Steel wire tire

Agitating volume (cubic meter)


Feed rate (cubic meter/minute)


Discharge rate (cubic meter/minute)


Discharging residual ratio (%)


Rotating speed of mixing drum (r/min)


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