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Shantui SM200M-3 Road Milling Machine

Shantui SM200M-3 Road Milling Machine

Engine model QSX15-C600
Rated power 447/600kW/hp
Rated speed 2100rpm
Operating weight 32,000kg
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●The 600hp U.S. Cummins QSX15-C600 full-electronically controlled diesel engine equipped conforms to Euro-II emission regulation and features strong power, automatic power distribution, and high energy-saving and efficiency.

● The mechanically-driven milling drum features high drive efficiency.

● The four-track driven traveling system features free wheel and equal proportion split function and can be chosen depending on actual needs. 

● The optimization of structural design and the choice of control units ensure the accuracy and reliability of four steering modes. 

● The energy-saving technologies, including temperature controlled fan technology and engine automatic idling technology, realize better fuel economy for the whole machine.

● The 600hp high-power engine and the 32t operating weight guarantee the strong milling capacity of the machine and powerful working capacity and high efficiency during high-depth milling operations on hard roads.

● The design of double operating consoles enables the driver’s operations from both left and right sides.

● The full CAN bus digital network control mode is adopted to effectively guarantee the automatic control and protection for all motions of the machine. 

● The limit load function guarantees the engine against flameout under severe working condition. 

● The water system alarm function against no water and blockage effectively prevents the abnormal wear of the milling cutters.

● The milling drum adopts U.S. Kennametal new pre-molded quick-change cutter holder, featuring convenient maintenances.

● The human-machine interface, the centralized digital display of parameters, and the complete information (including maintenance information, malfunction self-diagnostic information, and alarm information) make the operations of the machine safer and more efficient.

● The international high-quality products for critical installed parts, including German Rexroth hydraulic units, Stiebel transfer case, O&K reducer, InterControl controls and display, and Moba leveling system, effectively guarantee the reliability of whole machine.

Length × width × height (mm) 11700×2480×3230 Milling width (mm) 2000
Milling depth (mm) 0~320 Number of milling cutters (piece) 162
Drive mode Mechanic drive Engine model QSX15-C600
Rated power (kW/hp) 447/600 Rated speed (rpm) 2100
Traveling speed (km/h) 0-5 Operating weight (kg) 32000
Belt width (mm) 800 Theoretic conveyance capacity (m3/h) 470
Swing angle of conveyer (º) ±45 (two-stage)

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