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SDLG Road Roller RD730

SDLG Road Roller RD730

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Last Updated : 2019-01-16
Operatingweight 3070kg
Compactionwidth 1200mm
Swingangle ±10°
Turningangle ±30°
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RD730 is a new generation of hydraulic double-drum vibratory roller with high reliability, efficiency and Comfort. It has a modern designed outlook and has good vibratory function, high torque, high operating functionality and easy to maintain.

1、Kubota Tier 3 engine, strong power,energy-saving and environment-friendly.
2、Vibration systems use world famous hydraulic components with high reliability, excellent performance,stable operation, longerlife span.
3、Drive system use world famous hydraulic components with front and rear drive, large traction force, smooth movement, excellent performance, stable operation, long service life.
4、world famousvibratory bearings, with large bearing capacity, stable and reliable.

1、High-frequency vibration technology is used to effectively improve compaction efficiency.
2、SDLG patented vibratory mechanisms, high uniform vibration amplitude at both sides of vibrating drums, good compaction performance .

Comfortability and beauty
1、Brand new shape: beautiful, majestic, unique.
2、Ergonomically designed operating platforms that allow good visibility, comfortable operation.

Overall dimension (L×W×H) Operating weight Compaction width Swing angle Turning angle Min.turning radius
2424×1337×2831 mm 3070kg 1200mm ±10° ±30° 3818mm

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