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FHS5250TWXZE6 Suction Excavator Hishan Crane Machinery

FHS5250TWXZE6 Suction Excavator Hishan Crane Machinery

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Last Updated : 2021-06-15

The non-destructive excavation suction truck is a non-destructive construction vehicle that excavates and transports through the super suction generated by a special turbine,which is an efficient and environmental construction equipment.  

Product advantages:

♦ Safety: The first non-destructive excavation can significantly reduce the secondary damage to the pipeline during construction to avoid losses;
♦ Environmental protection: no dust, no throwing, airtight transportation to make a clean environment;
♦ Efficient: The non-destructive construction efficiency is dozens of times that of traditional labor, especially in the working conditions of large working radius, small space, embedded pipelines and cables.Traditional construction equipment cannot work safely and effectively, and the non-destructive excavation suction truck has incomparable advantages;
♦ Remote operation: the maximum operating distance of the horizontal construction radius is 200 meters, and the maximum vertical construction is 80 meters;
♦ One machine with multiple functions: It has the functions of excavators, loaders, dump trucks, sewage suction trucks, etc. at the same time;
♦ Intelligent: Full remote control operation, intelligent control.


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