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HSWE12T Walking Excavator Hishan Crane Machinery

HSWE12T Walking Excavator Hishan Crane Machinery

HS walking excavator is an all terrain and multi-functional excavator which travels by wheel steering and leg steering. It can be applied in special conditions where other machineries fail to reach such as mines, steep slopes, plateaus, rivers, swamp. Its unparalleled advantages are reflected especially in rescues and relief in emergencies and natural disasters. It is widely used in constructions including military installation, highway, railway, river dredging, digging communication lines, drilling in complex terrain, rock breaking, lifting and transportation.


♦ Excellent ability in coping with all terrains.

HExcellent performance in climbing obstructions thanks to dual traveling ways: Climbing ability on slope up to 100%; working transverse to slope 70%; climb vertical obstructions of 4 meters; can operate in 2.2-meter water.

♦ Comprehensive security

Dual steering: wheel steering and leg steering. Stable steering due to electro-hydraulic differential lock. Safe lifting thanks to lifting torque limit relief valve and alarm system. Optional on-board hydraulic winch guarantees safety operation on cliffs and is used as tool for rescue.

♦ Energy-saving

Energy-saving up to 30% thanks to loading auto-adjustment technology.

♦ 360 degree panoramic video surveillance

360 degree panoramic video surveillance provides the operator with a free view of the entire working environment.

♦ Multi-function

Capable of running numerous attachments due to multiple hydraulic power interfaces on the front of the dipper: breaker, grapple, forestry, drill, harvester head, renovation, etc.


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