SANY SCD100 Complete Plant for Wellhead Automation System

SANY SCD100 Complete Plant for Wellhead Automation System

Rated load (st) 100
Rated operating pressure (MPa) 14
Turnover angle (° ) 0-90
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Full hydraulic drive, automatic control of door opening and closing, and turnover action

Extensive adaptability, adaptive to different diameters of drill pipe, tubing and drill collar by replacing liner body

Good safety, multiple protections such as mechanical self-lock, hydraulic self-lock, and combined electrical and hydraulic self-lock to ensure operation safety



Length 11380 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 3920 mm
Empty weight 28800 kg
Vertical reach 38 m
Horizontal reach 34 m
Reach depth 21.5 m
Unfolding reach 11.3 m
1st section-Length 8510 mm
1st section-Articulation 89°
2nd section-Length 7260 mm
2nd section-Articulation 180°
3rd section-Length 6000 mm
3rd section-Articulation 240°
4th section-Length 6100 mm
4th section-Articulation 180°
5th section-Length 6100mm
5th section-Articulation 265°
Rotation 360 º
Outrigger spread L-R-Front 6200 mm
Outrigger spread L-R-Rear 7130 mm
Output (Low/High-pressure) 170/120 m³/h
Pressure (Low/High-pressure) 8.3/12 Mpa
Max. strokes per minute (Low/High-pressure) 29/19 times/min
Delivery cylinder diameter 260 mm
Stroke length 1900 mm
Hydraulic system Open
Hydraulic system pressure 32 Mpa
Hydraulic tank capacity 640 L
Water tank capacity 600 L
Pipe size 125 mm
End hose length 3 m
End hose diameter 125 mm
Chassis model BENZ Actros 3341
Engine model OM501LA.Ⅲ/17
Engine power 300 kW/1800 rpm
Emissions Euro Ⅲ/ IV / Ⅴ
Fuel tank capacity 400 L
Displacement 11.946
Max.speed 80 km/h
Brake distance ≤10/30 m/km/h

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