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SEM919 for India Motor Grader

SEM919 for India Motor Grader

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Last Updated : 2019-04-12
Rated power 140kW
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SEM Tandem Axle

  • Leveraging Caterpillar designing and experience on MG tandem axle

  • Improved bearing Layout and optimized load distribution with 4 planetary gears final drive

  • Less down time and reduced labor and service cost for maintenance and repairing

  •  Longer service interval for lubrication oil change

  • Leading in class manufacturing and quality control level, mandatory  performance testing before delivering to MG assembly line

Control System

  • 7 position link bar with electric over hydraulic control allows ease of operation from within the cab

  • Optimum blade reach capability, quick DCM re-positioning for greater reach for better working on high bank side slope

  • The link bar is essential for extending reach capability when cutting a bank slope or back slope of a ditch

  • Replaceable bushings reduce service time and cost

Blade Float

  • Standard blade float function allows blade to lower without hydraulic pressure for increased versatility

  • Blade float is engaged by pushing the left and right lift cylinder controls all the way forward past the detent

  • Provides protection for machine and pavement during snow removal and snow plowing

Hydraulic System

  • Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating (PPPC) Valves contain specifically cut spools for motor grader applications, continuously matching of hydraulic flow and pressure to power demands, allowing ease of multi-function control for optimizing working efficiency

  • World-class variable displacement piston pump, efficiently reduces power consumption and hydraulic system heat, improving fuel efficiency

  • Load-sensing hydraulic system provides consistent and precise blade movement, improving finishing performance

  •  Inboard lock check valves within PPPC, prevents inadvertent cylinder movement and potential leaks


  • A-frame tubular design drawbar provides maximum strength and durability

  • Replaceable drawbar draft ball (bolted – not welded) for less service time and cost

  • Easy removal of wear shims to adjust drawbar

Front Frame

  • Flanged box section design removes welds from high stress areas, improving reliability and durability

  • Continuous top and bottom plate construction provides consistency and strength, improving front frame durability

  • Hydraulic hose routing minimizes exposure to damage and provides quick access for service

  • Maintenance-free bushings improve durability and reduce overall service cost

Control Layout

  • Short throw levers are efficiently spaced, allowing ease of multi-function control

  •  Short lever travel (40mm) with low lever effort reduces operator fatigue

All Wheel Drive (922 AWD)

  • All wheel drive (AWD) function designed for poor underfoot applications (snow, sand, gravel, mud, etc.)

  •  Infinitely variable speed pumps and two-speed motors maximize torque in each gear delivering the most power to the ground

  • Exclusive steering compensation system enables a “powered turn” with improved control and a dramatic reduction of turning radius in poor underfoot conditions

Cat ® Product LinkTM

  • Cat ® Product Link™ will support your business, and accurately convey information of the equipment to relevant personnel in a timely and effective manner for your better equipment management.

Large Cab

  • High performance dashboard with 3 levels alarming monition system

  • Cab mounted on the front frame provides exceptional view to blade and front axle even during articulation

  • Large cab with 1.9m height and 30% larger space than most competitors, provides exceptional comfort


Operation Weight (Base Machine)15,070kg
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)8,703*2,630*3,360mm
Blade Length (L*W*H)3,974*25*607mm
Max. Lifting Height475mm
Max. Depth of Cut715mm
Max. Drawbar≥78kN
Frame Articulation Angle20°
Min. Turning Radius7.8m
Engine BrandSDEC SC9DK190.1G3
Rated power140kW
Transmission TypeHangchi 6WG180
Travel Speed (Forward/Rear)40/25km/h
Rear Axle/TandemSEM ST22
Service brakeOutboard disc with brake caliper,Air to oil Control
Oscillation (Front up/Rear up)15/25°
Max. Oscillation Angle±16°
Steering Angle (Left/Right)47.5°
Max. Lean Angle of Front Wheels18°
Hydraulic SystemLoad sensing,PPPC

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