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DOOSAN DX140AF Heavy Excavators

DOOSAN DX140AF Heavy Excavators

Operating Weight 16.9 ton
Bucket Capacity (SAE) 0.51 m3
Rated Power 74 kW
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It's simple and tough, right for your forestry work

The Doosan DX140AF features a reinforced lower body to protect it against the harsh, damp forestry work environment and a powerful and simple large 6-liter mechanical engine to maximize work efficiency, making it the optimal excavator for forestry work in any environment including plains and mountains.

Reinforced Undercarriage for better durability

Reinforced forestry-dedicated travel motor mount, heavy duty undercover, Upper Roller and Mount, Track Guard and Idler Bracket on the undercarriage

Larger components for Powerful Performance

The DX140AF is equipped with a 22-ton class engine that is superior to the existing 14-ton class machine engines, providing all the power needed to perform diverse tasks reliably and quickly in harsh forestry environments.

Centralized parts for easy maintenance

The DX140AF is designed to improve productivity by minimizing on-site maintenance.The radiators and filters are well arranged on one side for easy maintenance.The upper and side doors enable easier access to the main parts for convenient maintenance.

Operating Weightton16.9
Bucket Capacity (SAE)m30.51
Rated PowerkW74
Engine Rated Power (Net Power)kW(PS)/rpm74(100)/1,850
Engine Max. Toquekgf.m/rpm44/1400
Digging Force (ISO) Bucket
(Nor. / Press. Up)
Digging Force (ISO) Arm
(Nor. / Press. Up)
Max. Digging Reachmm8605.6
Max. Digging Depthmm5814.2
Max. Digging Heightmm9128.6
Overall Lengthmm7715
Overall Widthmm3000
Overall Heightmm3200

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